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Definition of Hosting and Types of Hosting

The following definition of hosting will provide a clear understanding of what hosting is in the internet world.everyday we are familiar with the internet, because we always access it either using a computer or using a smart phone. We access various web pages or blogs to fulfill information needs. But have you ever thought, how can a website be published? what infrastructure must be met? among them are domain and hosting.

Types of Hosting

If previously we discussed the meaning of domains, this time we will review important things that are closely related to domains, namely hosting.Maybe we all often hear the terms domain,hosting, but we don’t think about it.Below us you can learn the full definition of hosting
DEFINITION OF HOSTING I want to use my own language to describe what hosting is . Hosting is a place where we store files or website pages that we create. These files can be in the form of images, text, video files, etc. so that a blog page or website can be published. So the domain is the name of the website, while hosting is the place to store the files.
If we analize, the website is a building, then the hosting is a piece of land and the domain is the address of the plot of land. A hosting consists of a server or a combination of servers connected to a high-speed internet network. Web hosting services are internet services that provide server resources for rent, allowing organizations or individuals to place information on the internet in the form of HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, or DNS. Domain and hosting cannot be separated, so if we want to create a blog or website and it can be published on the internet, we must have a domain and hosting. This has been discussed in the website domain definition .

TYPES OF HOSTING-above we have learned what the definition of hosting is, then we will discuss the types of hosting. It turns out that the hosting itself varies. The following are some types of hosting that you need to know: Dedicated Servers

Of course you are curious about the definition of Dedicated Server type hosting. A dedicated server is a server that is used to run applications with high loads and cannot be operated in a shared host (shared hosting) or VPS. The servers can be provided by the tenant or loaned from the owner of the data center location to the tenant. The provider provides a set of physical web servers complete with the operating system. Users get root access to enter the web server, and are tasked with performing server maintenance that has been provided through the access that has been provided. Shared hosting

This is a type of hosting that is widely used on the internet because the rent is cheap. The definition of shared hosting is a hosting service in which a host account is shared with several other hosting accounts on the same server, and uses the service together. One website shares server resources such as RAM and CPU with other users. One server can be occupied by a few, very few, hundreds to thousands of clients. According to the sharing concept, server maintenance costs are of course divided according to the number of clients. The more clients that inhabit one server, the cheaper the rental fee the client must pay. Collocation Server (Colocation Server)

Maybe you just heard about this type of hosting right now? The definition of collocation server hosting is a server that is deposited in an internet service provider where the internet service provider provides electricity, internet connection, and air conditioning, and a rack where the server is placed. The server is fully owned by the customer and managed by the customer himself. Customers are not required to rent a server at an internet service provider. It is the customer’s responsibility to visit the data center. Perform hardware upgrades or other changes to the collocation server that is owned. Virtual Private Server.

How is the definition of hosting for this type?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of hosting created by dividing physical server resources into virtualization servers where resources can be allocated in a way that will not directly affect the server hardware. Therefore, in a VPS there are several operating systems that run simultaneously. HOW TO OBTAIN HOSTING SERVICES As mentioned in the definition of hosting above, to publish web pages on the internet, we must have a domain and hosting. Then how can we get domain and hosting services? To get hosting services

we can rent it to a third party. On the internet there are lots of companies that specialize in domain leasing and hosting services, both from within the country and from abroad. As information, to buy hosting services from abroad we must have a credit card as a means of payment.

 You can search for hosting services on the Google search page by typing the keywords “buy hosting” or it could be “cheap hosting”. From the list of companies that sell hosting, you can compare the features and prices of one hosting company with another hosting company. HOSTING CAN BE OBTAINED FOR FREE

To create a blog or website, you can do it for free, that is, without hiring a domain and hosting service. On the internet, we can use www.blogger.com and www.wordpress.com services to create a blog or website for free. Please learn how to create a free blog

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