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Tips for Optimizing SEO Features on a Blogger Blog


SEO ON BLOGSPOT AND BLOGGER on blogger can also improve the performance of your blog. Blogger or bogspot is a blog platform that is widely used by online activists, besides wordpress.But behind that,not a few who underestimate the blog engine owned by Google.But did you know, blogger/ blogspot has SEO features which if optimized will also have good performance on search engines, even though this is a free blog and without and additional plugins like wordpress. 
Not a few online business people make blogger blogs as their sales website, in fact they can also bring in sales consistently. The key to the success of a blog is how to attract as many readers as possible and provide useful information for readers or internet users.

To be able to attract many readers, blogs must be optimized with seo blogspot tutorial so that they can occupy the first page of search results. The good news is, blogger has several SEO features that can be optimized so that they can increase blog rankings on search engines


The following are some of the SEO features that can be optimized on a blogger or blogspot-based blog. Blog Title The blog title is the big theme of your blog. This means that this is the topic that you discuss in your articles. therefore it will be easier to optimize a blog that specifically addresses only one theme, for example about heart disease. The blog title must contain keywords.
Blogs like this in the internet marketing world are called niche blogs.  You can fill in the blog description settings by accessing the settings menu on the blogger dashboard. The description should contain keywords, which is a brief description of the blog title above and seo blogs to read.

Blogger Article title

Different from the tilte above, this title is the title of the article that you are making. You must make this title every time you create a new article. The title should contain keywords. You can do keyword research before creating an article.

Blogger Article Description

Article description This is a brief description of the article that you created. Should contain keywords 

Blogger labels

 Labels Like wordpress blogs, labels are categories of articles that you create. By making the right category it will make it easier to optimize your article.

Blogger Permalink

This is the address of your article when accessed on the internet. It is better if it contains keywords. By default, blogger will display the title as a permalink, but it will usually be truncated. As a solution, we should fill in the permalinks manually, by selecting the permalink option, then we enter the keywords, by inserting a hyphen in each word.

Blogger Internal Linking

In the typing area, blogger has provided a link feature. With this we can create links or links between related articles. When article visitors read your article and they feel that they have benefited from your article, readers will usually click on the links to find related articles.
This is what makes the link valuable so that it can increase the ranking of the article on search engines. seo for blogspot feature settings on blogger as above apply to free blogspot and custom domain blogspot and seo tools blogspot.

By maximizing the seo blogs tips features on blogger, even though blogger is not equipped with a plugin like wordpres, your article still has a great chance to rank at the top of search results. So if at this time you only have a blogger-based blog that is only free hosting on Google, don’t be discouraged, you can still be successful and seo blogspot 2020.

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