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Definition of Printer, Function and Best Printer Type

Definition of printer.Uncover in full about what is the definition of the best printer, function and type of printer. 
Printer is a term in computer technology that is familiar to our ears. Printer is hardware or hardware that is always associated with computers. Printers are also easy to find in all sectors of work, be it in banking, education, ticket agents, even in printing. Then what is the meaning of the printer itself?

The following brief description will clarify your understanding of the meaning of the printer, printer functions and printer types.

Definition of printer


What is a printer ? printer comes from English which means a printer or tool for printing. A more complete definition or understanding of a printer is a tool that displays data in printed form, either in the form of text or images / graphics, on paper. The printer can be used to print documents from a computer, of course, after the printer engine driver is installed on the computer.

Sometimes people understand the notion of printers based on the ink used, they call them wet ink printers and dry ink printers. Indeed, in its current development there are types of printers that use dry ink in the form of powder (toner), also known as laser printers. 

Each printer has advantages and disadvantages compared to other brands. But more importantly, the point is really print quality. In terms of print quality, the unit of measure used for the printer is the dpi (dots per inch). The meaning of this term is the number of dots in the space that have an area of ​​1 inch

The term resolution on the printer itself, namely dpi or short for dots per inch. The meaning of this term is the number of dots in the space that have an area of ​​1 inch. To find out how good the print quality of a printer is, look at the dot per inch (dpi) value which is usually printed on the printer box. The higher the dpi of a printer, the better the print results will be. 

Furthermore, you can also read the types of printers at the bottom of this article, so that the understanding of printers can be clearer. 


I am sure, you are among those who are familiar with computer technology, including printers. Because the printer is the hardware used to print the results of work done with the help of a computer. But you know, there is a long history in making computers that continues to grow from generation to generation. 

After the above we learn about the meaning of printers , this time I want to tell you about the history of the creation of the printer machine.

In fact, the printing-printing technique began in the 14th century simply in China. The Chinese succeeded in innovating to create ink and block printing that had a big influence on writing traditions. But the development of printing techniques in China is still inferior to developments in Europe. Because the Chinese alphabet has a high degree of difficulty when applied to a typewriter, with thousands of specific ideograms. So that there is almost no change in terms of production efficiency in China compared to Europe. And in the early 1950’s, there was a cultural development in Europe which made the need for the production of written documents fast and cheap.

A goldsmith and businessman from Germany, Johannes Guternberg succeeded in developing a revolutionary printing machine technology.The invention of the printing press enabled the Bible to become the first book to be mass-produced. In 1953, the first high-speed printer was developed by Remington-Rand for use on Univac computers.

In 1938, Chester Carlson invented a dry printing process called electrophotography commonly called Xerox, the basic technology for future laser printers. 

The original laser printer called EARS was developed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center starting in 1969 and completed in November, 1971. Xerox Engineer, Gary Starkweather adapted Xerox copier technology to add laser light for it to come up with laser printers. 

According to Xerox, The Xerox 9700 Electronic Printing System, the first xerographic laser printer product, was released in 1977.The Xerox 9700, a printer pioneered in optical laser scanning, character generation electronics, and page-format software, was the first product on the market that will be activated by PARC research.

According to IBM, the first IBM 3800 was installed at the central accounting office in North America’s FW Woolworth data center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1976. 
The IBM 3800 Printing System was the industry’s first high-speed, laser printer. 1 laser printer which operates at a speed of more than 100 broadcasts – per – minute. This is the first printer to combine laser technology and electrophotography according to IBM. 

In 1992, Hewlett – Packard released the famous LaserJet, the first with 600 dots per inch resolution laser printers. 

Nowadays, various brands are competing to create printers with interesting additional features, the more popular is the three-in-one system, which is none other than the print scan and copy feature in one machine. Also read:How to open a blocked site


The printer function is not far from the understanding of the printer above, it is a tool for printing articles, images, graphics, and other data from a computer onto paper media or the like. 
In its development, printer technology has become increasingly sophisticated, namely the addition of attractive features that will certainly spoil consumers. The function of the printer, which used to be limited to a tool for printing documents, is like the definition of the printer above, now many printers have three in one facilities, namely print scan and copy in 1 machine. This can be a practical way of scanning documents instead of buying another scanner.


In a sense , the types of printers have been touched on in the description of the printer definition above. In more detail, here are some types of printers that can be found on the market, including: 

Laser Jet Printer 
1. Laser jet printer is a type of printer whose printing method is powder ink or what is commonly called toner using an infrared device. In addition to better printing results when compared to dot matrix and ink jet printers, laser jet printers also have high printing speeds and the printouts dry faster as well as on photo copy machines. 

2. Dot Matrix Printer
Dot Matrix printer is a printer that uses ribbons as a printing tool. Because it uses ribbons to display output to paper, the printout of a dot matrix printer is a bit rough and not very good. 

3. Ink Jet Printer Ink Jet 
printer is a printing tool that uses ink to print. The inkjets available in the market today have the ability to print up to very large paper sizes, and with very good quality. 

4. LED / LCD printer, is a type of printer that is almost the same as a laser printer. However, the LED / LCD printer uses a light-emitting diode. This type of printer is capable of producing quality print quality in the form of graphics or text.

5. Solid ink printer, is a type of printer that uses a type of ink but has been twined. This printer has a way of working that melts the ink which is then accommodated in a place and then transferred to a kind of drum and will cool the ink before printing onto paper media. 

6. Dye Sublimation Printer, is a type that is widely used in graphic arts as a printer for hard objects such as mugs or other hard souvenirs. 

7. Printer POS (Point Of Sale), where this type of young is found at the cashier at the store which is directly connected to the cash drawer underneath. 

8. Digital Photo Printer, is a printer that is usually used by photographers to print high quality photos.

9. Plotter Printer, is a type of printer that is very accurate in the printing process. This printer has a large size and is usually used to print the drawings of architects or engineers.

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