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Definition and Understanding What is Domain and Custom Domain


What is a DomainIf we enter the world of the internet, of course, we always have to do with a blog or website, which is a medium or means used by its owner to convey messages or information to readers. So what does this have to do with the domain? 

In simple terms, the domain is a unique name that is given to identify the address (IP address) of a computer server such as a web server or email server on the internet. This domain name represents a blog or website published on the internet. So a blog or website cannot be published without having a domain.

What is domain

Domain makes it easy for internet users to access the server and makes it easier to remember the servers visited compared to having to remember a series of IP Address numbers. From the definition of the domain above, to create an online blog on the internet, we must have a domain. For beginners who are learning how to create a blog , you must prepare this domain first. However, if you want to create a free blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com, of course you don’t need to buy a domain because you will be given a free subdomain. Also read: HISTORY OF PRINTER MAKING

DOMAIN LEVEL OR LEVEL Domain has several levels, namely: 1. Top Level Domain is a string of words behind a domain name such as .com (dot commercial) .net (dot network) .org (dot organization) .edu (dot education) .gov ( dot goverment) .mil (dot military) .info (dot info) etc. There are two kinds of Top Level Domain, namely Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLD is like the one in the list above and ccTLD is the TLD intended for each country, such as Indonesia with ID code (co.id, net.id, or.id, web.id etc.) or Malaysia with code MY (com .my, net.my, etc.).

2. Second Level Domain (SLD) is the domain name that you register. For example, the domain name you registered is mydomain.com, then my domain is SLD and the .com is TLD.

3. Third Level Domain is the name after the Second Level Domain. For example, the domain name you have is mydomain.com, then you can add another name before my domain, namely mail.domain.com or estrex.domain.com. One of the services that sells third-level domains is enom with: .us.com, .br.com, .cn.com, and so on. Or free ones like co.cc, cz.xyz and so on. GETTING TO KNOW CUSTOM DOMAIN After reviewing the definition or definition of a domain, to complement your knowledge … after you learn how to create a website , I will discuss what a custom domain is.

If you create a free blog on blogger / blogspot, you will get a blog address with a subdomain, for example: viralinindia.blogspot.com. With the display of the address, for some people … maybe they are not satisfied because they seem less professional because it is not a personal domain. The solution is you can change the domain name into a private domain, this method is called a custom domain. Please read the tutorial on how to custom blogspot domains. After we buy a personal domain, the blog address that was exemplified is bloganda.blogspot.co.id will change to www.viralinindia.com. Oh yes, for custom domain purposes, we don’t have to buy a .com suffix, we can also use a domain with other suffixes such as: .net, id and others. So it is a custom domain

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