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Blogging Full information:Blogger And Blogspot A-Z Information

Blogging Full information:Blogger And Blogspot A-Z Information

How to make the following Blogspot URL is important to make it easier to optimize your blog to increase your blog’s ranking on search engines. Blog optimization is an important step when we want our articles to penetrate the first page of Google search results or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In the world of blogging, this optimization step is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is a series of steps that must be taken to optimize blog articles so that they can be found by internet users, or often called SEO friendly.
Blogging full information

Actually, this blog optimization step starts when we create the article itself. Apart from the techniques and quality of the article content that we make, the title and techniques for how to create a blog URL are also important for blog optimization. What we will show below is how to create a blogspot URL.

Before I explain how to create a blogspot URL, I will first explain what a blog URL is. In simple terms, the meaning of URL is a URL (uniform resource locator) is a series of characters according to a certain standard format, which is used to indicate the address of a source such as documents and images on the Internet. An example of the URL of the article I wrote is Compare with the title of this article “How to Make a Blogspot URL for SEO Friendly”, I created the blog URL myself and didn’t use the default Blogspot URL, so what appears after the domain name is shorter with the intention of optimizing keywords and avoiding long blog URLs.

When we create an article, Blogger automatically creates a permalink or URL on the back of our domain address. But the problem is, when our title is long, part of our blogspot URL is cut off, this is certainly not good for SEO. The good thing is that the blog URL must contain keywords that are intact and not truncated. Then how do you create a blog URL like the one above?

HOW TO MAKE PERMALINK OR BLOGSPOT URL. After previously we learned how to create a blog with blogger , as well as learning to create menus in blogger , this time we learned to create our own blogspot URL. Here is how to create a blogspot URL according to our wishes: 1. First. We must enter our blogger account , after that our blogger dashboard will be displayed as shown below. To create a blogspot URL can only be done when creating a new article, then we must create a new article post on the blog , see the image below:

Blogger seo trick

2. Please click “new entry”. Then the article typing page will be displayed as shown below:

Blogspot seo tricks

3. Create articles as usual. Starting with the title, then type your article to completion. If so, pay attention to the right, click “label”, type the name of the category you want.
To create a blogspot URL according to our wishes, move to the bottom field, click “permanent link” then select “special permalink”, type the blog URL that we want, how: insert a hyphen (-) in each word. Example: how-to-create-blog-url. When you have clicked “done”.
In the “search description” field, type a short description of your article.
When everything is finished, click “publish”. After that, your article has been published with the blogspot URL as desired.

NOTE: how to create a blogspot URL as above can only be done when the article has not been published, but when you click “publish” it means that the article has been published on the internet, then you can no longer change the URL of your blog.

How to Create a Free Blog With Blogger or Blogspot in a Professional Way

How to create a free blog with Blogger or Blogspot is very easy, learn the steps below. Blogger or also popularly known as Blogspot is a blog platform that is very popular in the world, here is a place where we can create a blog for free. For those of you who are beginners who want to have a blog, creating a blog with Blogger is the right solution because it’s easier to manage. We only need a Google account, then how do you create a blog with Blogger or Blogspot?

Tutorials on how to create a free blog with Blogspot or Blogger can actually be found easily on the internet, but if you are a beginner …. the following tutorial will really help you to create a blog easily without having to learn HTML everything. 

HOW TO MAKE A FREE BLOG WITH A BLOGGER OR BLOGSPOT Here are the steps to easily create a blog with blogspot : 1. First, make sure you already have a blog account, a blogger blog account is integrated with your Goolge account. 

If you already have a Google account, or have previously created an email on Google , you can login to blogger. If you don’t have a blog account, you must first create a Google account, learn how to create a blogger blog account . 2. After you have a Google account, open www.blogger.com, you will be taken to a page display as below:

See the picture above. In the title column: enter the title of your blog, this is the theme of your blog. In the address field: fill in the blog address you want, this will be your domain address. In the theme column: please select a blog template according to your wishes. If so, click “create blog”. You will be taken to the display of your blog as shown below:

6. Congratulations your blog is finished. In the address field above, that’s your blog address. This blog address is a sub domain of Blogspot, because your blog is a free blog. By creating a blog with blogger, you already have a blog for free without having to buy a domain and hosting.

7. To get a professional look to your blog as you wish, we need to change the blogger theme or template above. You can find them easily on the internet.

8. Optimize the blog. To have a lot of visitors, your next task is to optimize the blog or what is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is done so that your blog can be found in Google search results, even in the top rankings. learn

SEO Study Guide ADVANTAGES OF MAKING A BLOG WITH A BLOGGER OR BLOGSPOT The following are some of the advantages or advantages of creating a blog with blogspot or blogger:
  • Free, no need to buy a domain. We don’t need to buy a domain because it is automatically a subdomain of blogspot.
  • It’s free, no hosting required. To save the file, we will store it on blogger hosting, so we don’t need hosting.
  • Easy management. This is suitable for beginners, to manage a blog just log in with a Google account and it will go directly to the Blogger dashboard. We can also create multiple blogs with only one Google account, and manage them in the same dashboard. So it’s easy to manage.
  • Blogger or Blogspot is safer. If you create a Google account by following the security instructions as directed by Google, your account is guaranteed to be safe. You won’t mess around with hacks on your blog. 
  • Blogger can be monetized. As with other blog platforms, by creating a blogspot blog, you can also earn money by monetizing your blog. for example, by joining the Pay Per Click (Google Adsense) program.
WEAKNESSES OF BLOGGER OR BLOGSPOT Apart from having the advantages described above, the blogsppot platform blog also has weaknesses as below:

  • Seems less professional. Although the value of blogs lies in their content, free blogs are considered less professional.
  • Do not have complete control. By riding a domain and hosting on Blogger, you don’t have a full blog. If your blog content does not comply with Google policies, your blog can be deleted. sometimes this can happen without notice.

Is it true that domain names have an effect on SEO optimization

Domain has become the identity of your blog or website. Domain can be branding in itself for the owner. In the context of blogging, what is the importance of choosing a domain name? Does the domain name have an effect on SEO ? should the domain name be long, or should it be short? should the domain name contain keywords? In the world of blogging, we recognize that there is blog optimization known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The point is the steps to optimize the blog so that it can increase the blog’s ranking on search results pages. So what does this have to do with domain names? What is the influence of the domain name on our blog SEO ?

In SEO techniques, actually choosing a domain name is part of an important step, where the domain name should relate to the topics discussed on the blog. It would be better if the domain name contains the targeted keywords. Mainly, if we create a blog for sales purposes, of course it is better if when buying a domain we need to choose a domain name that is relevant to the products we are marketing.

For example, suppose we want to sell bags clothes through a blog. What needs to be done … before creating a blog, of course, you need to do keyword research to find out how big the market for batik clothes is. From the keyword research, a list of keywords typed by prospective buyers on the internet can also be seen. On this basis, domain names can also be created

Based on experience, a domain name containing keywords will indeed help in terms of SEO optimization, but not absolutely. It is said not to be absolute because in reality it is not Google’s guideline for evaluating it. In practice, as long as the articles we make are unique and meet SEO standards in optimization, with any domain name … blog pages can penetrate the top rankings on search results pages. The point is that we want to optimize our article pages, not the main domain. 

So if you currently have a domain name that does not contain keywords, you don’t need to worry … because that is not a barrier to boosting your blog article page rank in search results (SERP = Search Engine Result Page).

How to Make a Favicon on a Blogger Blog

How to make a favicon on blogger / blogspot is very easy, you don’t need to tamper with the HTML code . Check out the steps below. Before I explain the steps on how to make a favicon on blogger / blogspot, first I will show you what is called a favicon.

A favicon is a small image next to the title bar in your browser. To clarify what a favicon is, here is how it looks on the websute page:

Look at the picture above, the small image I marked with a circle is what is called a favicon. Actually, do we need to make a favicon for the blog?

The favicon is actually only for showing the unique identity of the blog itself, where this favicon will also be displayed on search engines. So this will be the hallmark of a website or blog. This favicon can be added to any blog, either wordpress or blogger / blogspot .

What is the difference between WordPress and Blogspot (Blogger) in creating a blog

What is the difference between wordpress and blogspot ? learn the difference below before you create a blog. If we browse the internet, of course we see a lot of blogs that review Blogger (Blogspot) and WordPress. There are those who claim that creating a blog with Blogger is better than WordPress, while not a few think that WordPress is better and more reliable than Blogger or Blogspot. This may be confusing for those who are beginners who will create a blog. Then what’s the difference between wordpress and blogspot ?

Before I explain what is the difference between a blog on wordpress and on blogspot , the important thing that you need to keep in mind is in choosing a blog platform … whether it’s blogger or wordpress, the most important thing for you is the easiest and most comfortable in your opinion. That’s why before creating a blog, you need to learn what is the difference between wordpress and blogspot.
Blogger vs wordpress
The difference between wordpress and blogspot or blogger in a more detailed way will be presented in 3 parts, namely blogspot.com, wordpress.com, and wordpress.org. Blogspot.com and wordpress.com are free blogging services, while wordpress.org is a paid blogging service known as self-hosted WordPress. To create a WordPress.org-based blog we must have our own domain and hosting, how do we download the blog files from www.wordpress.org then install the blog on our own hosting.

THE DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS OF WORDPRESS WITH BLOGSPOTS The meaning of each platform is part of the discussion about what is the difference between wordpress and blogspot because this is very basic and must be understood by beginners before creating a blog. The following is an understanding of each blog platform: What is WordPress.com? WordPress.com is a free but limited hosting service WordPress created by WordPress for its customers. If you take advantage of their hosting service, your website will be hosted on their servers. In short, WordPress.com takes care of all your hosting needs. By creating a blog on wordpress.com, your blog address is only a subdomain, for example: bloganda.wordpress.com. What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is an open source platform that is free of charge. Since it’s free software, you can download and install it on your own web server by purchasing a domain and renting your own hosting. With WordPress.org, you can host your own website or blog. Hence, it is often referred to by many as ‘self-hosted’ WordPress. To create a blog, you need to download the blog script from wordpress.org then upload it to your own hosting. By creating a blog on your own hosting and having your own domain, your blog address is What is Blogspot?

Of course you are already familiar with Blogspot. Blogspot or also known as Blogger is a free blogging service that is integrated with a Google account. This means that by having a Google account, you can also log in to Blogspot, Youtube, Google Plus and other Google services. By creating a blog with Blogger (blogspot) , your blog address is only a subdomain of blogspot, for example: bloganda.blogspot.com. However, we can change the appearance of blogspot to be more professional by utilizing the custom domain feature, so that the blog address that was originally a blogspot subdomain becomes its own domain. Also read: how to custom blogspot domains at Home Web. OTHER DIFFERENCES BETWEEN WORDPRESS AND BLOGSPOT

After reading the reviews above, of course, now you understand better what is the difference between wordpress and blogspot. Apart from the above, here are some other differences between wordpress and blogspot: Blogspot:
  • No need to buy a domain domain and hosting
  • No additional plugin features
  • Although we are free to replace the blogspot template with our own template , but not fully own the blog, Google can delete the blog at any time without prior warning.
The blog address is only a subdomain
  • Free WordPress (wordpress.com):
  • Free but limited hosting
  • Could not install plugins
  • Ownership of the blog is not entirely due to the inability to access the hosting
  • The blog address is only a subdomain
Self hosted WordPress (wordpress.org):
  • Own domain and hosting
  • Have full access rights to the ownership of the blog as long as you pay for the domain and hosting
  • Can install additional plugins to optimize the blog
  • Requires a budget to rent a domain and hosting
  • Blogs can be monetized (for online businesses) at will
  • The blog address is your own domain, for example: www.viralinindia.online

Your Blog Template Affects SEO Optimization

Is it true that blog templates have an effect on SEO ? then what kind of template / themes is good for our blog? Maybe it never occurred to my friends that the selection and use of templates / themes for blogs is very important. If we look at the appearance of blog templates on the internet, we often see a variety of templates even with various features as a complement, but you know … blog templates that have too many knick-knacks will actually make the blog difficult to access, loading time is too long.

For example, it is not uncommon for us to find blogs with attractive social media share buttons, can fly here and there, this is one that can slow down loading times when the blog is accessed by visitors. Of course this is very detrimental in fact, because the access speed of a blog has become Google’s standard to judge whether a blog page deserves to be displayed at the top of the rankings or not.

Besides the unnecessary features described above, the menu display or navigation should also be considered. Do not let the menu display confuse blog visitors, which in the end, blog visitors immediately close your page. This also worsens Google’s assessment of your blog. Conversely, if you are able to make visitors linger reading your blog, browsing every related article, of course Google will judge that your blog provides benefits to visitors, so that your blog deserves to be displayed in the top rankings.

There are template features, menu problems already, so what else affects SEO optimization? one more thing … is a blog view when accessed using a cellular. A good blog template is a template that can display a blog page on a mobile device (HP) in full by scrolling down. This kind of display is called responsive. On the other hand, if the blog display on a mobile device shows scrolling left and right, this is called unresponsive.

Therefore, when installing a template, first check whether the blog template is responsive or not, how: open www.showbizdrama.com, enter your blog address and press “enter”. After that a preview of your blog will appear on the mobile device. When you find the appearance of your blog is not responsive, then you have to change the template / theme of your blog . In conclusion: your blog template, whether your blog is based on blogger or wordpress, will have an effect on SEO optimization. To support the optimization of your blog page, use a template that has a simple and accessible menu display, does not display too many attractive features, finally use a responsive blog template so that it is easily accessible by means of cellular phones.

As additional information, for wordpress-based blogs, apart from the use of templates, using too many wordpress plugins will also slow down the blog when accessed. For that, just use the essential wordpress plugins .


The following are the steps for creating a favicon on a blogger / blogspot blog:

1. First, we log into the blogger account first to enter the dashboard page, after which the blogger dashboard page will appear as shown below:
Blogspot favicon seo
2.From the picture above, click “layout”, then on the favicon just click “edit”.
Seo for blogspot
3.Please click “choose file”, select the image that will be used as the favicon.
Note: of course, before you do the steps to create this favicon, you must prepare a square image with a size under 100 KB.

4. After you select the image, click “save”. Done.

You need to know, after you do the steps above, sometimes the favicon doesn’t appear immediately when your blog is accessed. Usually this takes a few moments, it could be 1 day. But it’s okay just wait.

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