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Download FB Lite Apk Mod-Latest Fb Lite Mod

Download FB Lite Apk Mod-Latest Fb Lite Mod

Download FB Lite Apk Mod, the number of Facebook users continues to increase every day. Due to the large number of Facebook users, the developer publishes two different versions of the application, namely the standard version of Facebook and the Lite version. The creation of the Facebook Lite application aims to enable smartphone users with low to moderate specifications to run applications smoothly using the 2G network. To make you more satisfied with surfing on Facebook, there is currently a modded version of the FB Lite application which offers more features. You no longer have to pay, now you can download the latest version of Lite Lite FB for free.

The stand
ard Facebook app and the Lite version make a big difference, the Lite version is smaller and lighter to use. On the other hand, Facebook’s standards are big and require a compatible Android device with a good connection for good performance. You need the FB Lite Mod application which is lighter and more feature-rich. Before we go to the latest FB Lite Mod-apk download link, first of all we check the FB Lite Mod version.

Download FB Lite Apk MOD-Reviews

FB Lite Mod is the original version of the Facebook Lite application which has been modified without losing its features. However, in this free FB Lite Mod mode, there are several types of features that you cannot get in the original version. That is one of the benefits of using the mod version of the FB Lite application.

Download Fb Lite Apk Mod-Features

Several functions are available in this latest FB Lite Mod application. Here are the features that you get when you use the mod version of the FB Lite application that you can’t get is the original version.
Screen Animation Effects
In this mod version, you get a super cool feature which is a screen animation effect. You can enhance the appearance of FB Lite on the screen of your device by adding animated effects such as animated water, fire, snow, falling dollars, falling leaves and cherry blossoms. You just have to choose from a wide selection of animation effects.

Screen Prank Effects Feature
You can also add a screen brush effect or effect as if there are cracks on the screen of the Android device you are using. In the lightest application, FB Lite Mod, there are 4 different screen effects that you can use.

Function change to Facebook Status Update
Not only can you add animations and screen pranks to your screen, you can also create unique and different statuses. Here you can set the status with colored text as well as bold or bold. In the background, you can switch between several color options and normal gradients. Apart from that, you can set the background status using an image.

Edge View Feature
Apart from that, you also get an Android FB Lite Mod feature that is no less unique, namely Edge View. With an edge display, which makes the screen look like it’s used by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Of course, this feature makes the Android device you use cooler.

Messenger Features
If it’s the original version of the Facebook app, you’ll need to manually install the Messenger app separately. However, if you are using the FB Lite Mod apk application, you don’t need to install Messenger separately. Because in the mod version of this application, there is already Facebook Messenger.

FB Lite APK Mod specifications

For those of you who have a lower middle Android device, but still want to have super cool features, the lightest FB Lite Mod can be the solution. You can download this application for free via the link below.

So there are two different download links, and you don’t have to download all of them. These are the differences that you need to understand between the Clone Apk and the UnClone Apk.
  • For example, if you select the Unclone Apk file, you must first delete the original version of the FB Lite application installed on the Android device you are using.
  • However, if you want to download the clone APK file, you don’t need to delete the existing file. Because with this version of the Clone application, you can replace the original version of the FB Lite application that is already installed on the Android device you are using.

How to Install FB Lite APK Mod

For those who only use the mod version first, follow the steps below to install the FB Lite Mod APK file on the Android device.
  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the FB Lite Mod file. If not, you can download via the link above.
  2. Before starting the installation you can activate unknown sources on the Android device being used. This method is very simple because all you have to do is open the Settings menu in Android, go to the Security section and then check the “Unknown sources” section or in English “Unknown resources”.
  3. Next, look for the most recent file that was previously downloaded. You can then install applications directly and generally install Android applications.
  4. Wait a few moments until the application installation process is complete.
  5. If the app is already installed, you only need to log in with your Facebook account as usual.

How to Use FB Lite APK Mod

Before you finish this discussion, we’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of the latest FB Lite mods and features. Here are some tips for using the latest Facebook Lite mod application.

  • Data usage restrictions

Basically, Facebook Lite was created with the aim that users can save data usage. Therefore, you can make prior arrangements to use this feature. First, you can open the latest version from the FB Lite Mod settings menu, go to Account Settings, select the General section, and then set it in the Data Usage section.
There you can select one of three options, namely Minus, Normal and High. Then select Less for data storage settings. Make yourself comfortable, you can still enjoy good quality pictures even when you are in save mode.

  • Turn off auto video play

The default settings for FB Lite are almost identical to those in the main Facebook application, one of which is the automatic video player. This will increase your data usage on the Android device you are using. Make yourself comfortable, you can turn it off by resetting it manually.
The method is quite simple. You can access the latest APK version of the Mod FB Lite menu settings, go to the Account Settings section, turn off video auto-play, or enable auto-play when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Disable chat status

By default, the chat or chat feature in FB Lite is active or on. If you want to disable this status, you can go to FB Lite Settings, select the Chats menu, and then switch from the ON position to the OFF position.
Well, that’s a complete discussion about Facebook Lite, which can be an option to save data. Apart from that, this application can also be used by devices with a relatively small version of Android, namely Jelly Bean. If you are interested, you can download the lightest FB Lite Mod Apk for free using the link above. Hopefully you can feel more comfortable with this application if you are on Facebook on social media.

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