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Cheap Printer and How to Install Epson L120 Driver

Cheap Printer and How to Install Epson L120 Driver

The Epson L120 printer is a series that is quite widely purchased by the people of the country. Besides having an affordable price, the appearance is also very minimalist so it is light to move to various places. But sometimes, some owners have trouble knowing how to install the Epson L120 driver .

How to Install Epson L120 Driver

Reasons for Users to Choose Epson L120

With an affordable price benchmark, of course you cannot get the same quality as the above series. However the Epson L120 is recommended for people who use the printer for personal use only. But there are many advantages such as:

Printing Quality
The Epson L120 is equipped with advanced Piezoelectric technology, enabling it to produce high-quality print outs. In addition, the printing results also have a configuration of 180 black nozzles and 59 nozzles for various colors.

Meanwhile, the maximum image resolution that can reach the ink size is 720 dpi x 720 dpi. Meanwhile, the minimum volume of droplets in ink is only about 3 picoliters. The Epson L120 has a paper size capacity of 50 A4 sheets.

Paper Capacity

 In each printer, of course, have both the input and output paper capacity of each. This is also one of the considerations before choosing it. For Epson L12O, there are 1 printing trays.

The Epson L120 has a maximum input paper capacity of 50 A4 sized papers. While the maximum size is 8.5 x 44 inches. Meanwhile, the printing margins are 3 mm at the top, bottom, right and left.

How to Install Epson L120 Driver

If you cannot successfully use the Epson L120 printer even though you have connected it to a PC or laptop, then the main cause is that the driver installation has not been carried out. Therefore, here are some steps that need to be considered:

Download via the official site
The first step you need to do is download the driver without a CD according to the type, namely the Epson L120. It’s better to download via the official website to get the latest version (sometimes for a fee)

When downloading it, don’t forget to adjust to the type of Windows that is being used. If an information box appears, click the Accept menu to continue the download process. Wait until the download is complete.

Another easy way is, sometimes when buying a driver is provided directly. If lost, you can borrow other people’s property of the same type.

Perform the installation
After the download process is complete, then proceed to open the download file.
  1. After the information box appears, click the OK menu .
  2. Next, the Select a Language option will appear and select OK.
  3. After that an information box will appear about Epson Aula, click Agree.
  4. Then select OK at the bottom right.
  5. As a final step, turn on the printer and then connect it to a laptop or PC.
  6. Now the driver can be used.

How much is the Epson L120 printer?

It has been mentioned before, that people choose the Epson L120 series printer because it is offered at a fairly cheap price. However, the offering also depends on the quality and advantages of its use.

The price of the Epson L120 is generally priced at Inr 7200 to inr. 8000 for new circumstances. Meanwhile, if you are more interested in getting it in a second condition then the range is set at Inr. 6500 to Inr. 6900 only.

This price will certainly vary depending on where you buy it. Especially if the purchase is made from an online store , of course , the shipping rate will also add to the total cost. Therefore, several things need to be considered before paying for it.

That is an explanation of the installation Epson L120 driver that you can use as a reference when using it. The review above can be used if you feel confused during the installation process, make sure to restart your PC or laptop first.

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