How To Get Adsense Approval In 30 Days

Website AdSense Approval-It feels incomplete if it has a Blog and is not related to Google Adsense. Sperti We know the blog is one of the publications that can be used by anyone, the reviewer can share an information or whatever it is through the writings online. As for Adsense is an advertiser program hosted by the largest internet company namely Google AdSense code
Website AdSense Approval
Blogs related to Adsense are certainly a blog that is paid monthly, because Google Adsense gives an advertisement that should be served to the blog. From the advertisement the blog owner will get the money paid once a month on the 21st. Then it is not surprising if now the blog has been made the main work of the bloggers, given the results of the blog is very well worth the job as usual, can even exceed AdSense ads.
Having a job as a blogger is very easy and not tired, it's just that we are required to create articles regularly every day in order to improve the quality of the blog to be more qualified. If we have a quality blog of course it would be liked a lot of people or readers, so traffick on the blog will be high adsense account.
But need to remember, to write articles should not be the origin, because it will impact on our own blog, besides not being liked readers also will not get visitors or high traffic. It could even be that our blog is exposed to violations because of the writings that violate the policy. You need to know, Google implements some policies that shouldn't be done, be it in a niche blog or in writing languages.

How to make Blog easy on Google Adsense accept

As I mentioned above, it feels incomplete if it has a blog that is not related to Adsense. But as we know, to register a blog on that ad provider (Google Adsense) is not as easy as we could imagine. Because Adsense is very selective to choose a suitable blog according to the program. 
Then it's no wonder many of them are always rejected when registering his blog to Google Adsense. In fact, some cases have not received an answer at all for months.
For those of you who are doing a blog registration on AdSense, but the blog is always rejected alias not at approve or even no answer at all. We recommend that you first check the quality of your blog, be it from your niche blog, blog articles, navigation and its own.
 Sometimes we forget there are less things that need to be added on the blog, so the blog does not accept Google Adsense. Well, below I will provide very important information so that your blog is easily accepted by Google AdSense.

1. Niche Blog

A Niche blog or theme that will be discussed on a blog is a very important factor. Because a niche is the main goal for an article we're going to write. We recommend that we choose one niche at the time of being registered on Adsense.
 Why? Because with one niche the Google-likely party will assume the blog has a purpose for the long term. With Tulisan-tulisa notes or articles in writing have very high quality content. That way Google will receive your blog for Adsense monetization.

2. Articles and writing

In addition to paying attention to niche blogs, articles and how to write them is also very important to note. Because the blog is essentially a medium that publishes an information through writing or articles. So try to review your blog articles, usually there is a wrong word or writing. It could be that the factor of your blog is always in the Google Adsense decline.

3. Quality articles

The meaning of quality articles is the content of articles that have useful content and are easily understandable by the reader. It is also very important to help your blog make it easy to receive Google Adsense. Avoid copying and pasting other people's articles because it will only be a waste of time and Google Adsense will never approve a blog whose article results from duplication or copy paste.

4. Number of articles

If 3 of the above is done but still can be rejected from Adsense. Then the next step pays attention to the number of articles on your blog. Usually Google will not accept if the blog has a few articles, so it is considered limited content. Better update your article first before getting to Google Adsense.

5. Sumbit articles in Webmaster Tools

This article on the Webmater tool is very important for your blog and your entire article to be indexed so that it will appear on the Search engines and compete with other blog articles. So try to always sumbit your articles to webmasters every after making new article s.

6. Blog Template

Blogs that have a responsive blog look or template are very liked by Google. Because it can accelerate the loading of blogs while being accessed, so your blog visitors like and plenty of opportunities to increase traffic on your blog. You need to know, the blog templates also have a big impact on your blog's acceptance or absence.

7. Blog time and age

Generally a blog will spat time to be registered to Google Adsense. It is better to register your blog If the blog already has an age of about 3-4 weeks. With the record of the entire blog content is already terindex and continue to update the article.
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