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HAGO MOD APK is the light form of HAGO and it has more than 100 mainstream games, for nothing! Gamers from everywhere throughout the world love contending with one another on HAGO. In addition, you can without much of a stretch make companions in those thrilling games and appreciate the ongoing visit with them.

As a light form of HAGO, HAGO Mod has quicker download speed and it requires less extra room Over 100+ straightforward and precarious games for nothing. This application will be your new enslavement. Prepared to get snared?

hago latest mod apk

Hago Mod apk:-Features

  • Unlimited voice room
  • No ban
  • Earn 100 daily
  • Verify hago accounts

HAGO MOD APK:-Whats new 

  • No bann
  • No ads
  • 1k free followers
  • Fixed bug
  • No crash


Few things needs to be imporved if it compares with Tiktok. I can choose only one language where I know more languages..UI needs to be addresses more proper way..Its kind of complicated..App is slow and unnecessary ads are there.It's take too much time in making and uploading..compulsorily Sign up problem is there..so plz do needful and make it more user friendly. Jai Bharat, Jai Hind๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ˜Š

Roposo app is very good but still i am giving 4 rating because i noticed some issues and hope developers will make it more better in coming days.1 app was consuming more data and lot of data issues. I have to suggest you one more thing that was,make available images to see separately not in videos make videos tosee in a less data mode. Thank you.....

 you need to work a lot to improve user experience of app. I have installed the app. It asked for phone number on landing screen. I have entered correctly and then press "otp button". Loading starts and it thoughts for a while,then a toast pops up with message "something went wrong". I am using redmi note 6 pro with Android version 10. Atleast, first screen should work guys, else it will be annoying for the user.

One drawback is at a time multi language videos are not playing, every time we have to go in settings and video language set preference and change. That is irritating. Please change the settings. Data consumption is more and this needs to be developed. This app should be same like tik-tok. If above problems get solved I will give 5 stars๐ŸŒŸ.

If want to take place of Tik tok, hago App must be more improvent. Like when I search 'long hair' tiktok shows all posts related with words and next also I dont need to type. All post shown by on the interest. Pls improve with this feature. Nice to see indian app. Proud feel using this.
This is good app but when ever m trying to see my notification or try to load something m only get this sentence - " something goes wrong. Please try again ". When m trying to post video , it goes fail or takes lots of time. Plz take care of it.

I had installed TikTok once just to view a video which was made by one of my friend.... selected the language & was able to view the videos right away and it it did not ask me to sign up....I think our own Indian App should have the same option to skip the login part...this will surely increase the number of downloads as people like me hate to sign up and would simple love an option to skip sign up...not used the app yet... waiting for you to update...will surely use it one you add option.

HAGO MOD APK:-Download Link

Hago mod apk,hago latest mod apk,hago free follower mod apk,hago games hack mod,hago vip mod apk
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